Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Members of the National Lawyers Guild chapter at Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL) created this blog after many of us expressed the desire for a forum in which we could discuss our own fears, concerns, criticisms, and complaints about the internal workings of our institution and the legal profession at large. Most of us are first year students, and we feel it is important to put our initial impressions and experiences down in writing while they’re still fresh in our minds. We hope to address topics ranging from the personal to the theoretical – here are just a few examples of things that might be relevant:

- Instances of prejudice and insensitivity in curricula and instruction

- Conflicts and differences with professors and administrators

- Personal academic struggles and difficulties managing stress and workload

- The impact of law school on our finances and our personal lives

- Analysis of the legal profession’s complicity in maintaining oppression

- Humourous observations about law school culture

Though we currently represent just a handful of first year students at NUSL, we welcome ALL law students to participate. We will accept as an author any law student who expresses interest. You can also comment on any existing post even if you are not a law student. In the interest of full disclosure, the option to comment anonymously is also available. Stay tuned and please participate!